Jeanne Cottreau, SC, is the Centre’s Office Administrator. She is a teacher by profession, having taught at elementary and high school levels in various schools throughout Nova Scotia, worked in parish ministry and congregational formation ministry. However she is a missionary at heart after working in Latin America namely in the Dominican Republic and Lima, Peru.

Lorraine d’Entremont, SC, holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from AST. Her experience includes high school teaching, hospital work as a medical technologist, campus ministry on local and national levels, and formation of new members in Sisters of Charity congregations. She obtained the Graduate Certificate in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from Fordham University in 2005.

Sheilagh Martin, SC, has been an educator at high school and university levels. She holds a Doctorate in Physiology and is currently a part-time faculty member at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Maria Sutherland, SC, holds Master’s degrees in English and Counseling Psychology. She is a psychologist in private practice in Halifax. In addition to this ministry, Maria gives workshops on such mental health topics as stress management, communication, self-knowledge and self-esteem. She has worked in parishes, educational settings, religious communities and the business community, facilitating conferences and meetings for a variety of organizations.

Evelyn Williams, SC, holds a Master of Theology degree and has a history of involvement in teaching, congregational formation ministry, university chaplaincy and prison ministry. Besides her responsibilities as Director of the Centre, Evelyn is involved in creating and delivering Centre programs and is available for group process facilitation and spiritual direction.

Pat Wilson, SC, is a Sister of Charity ministering as a community chaplain assisting people returning to the community from time spent in correctional institutions.  She also offers sessions in adult faith formation, days of reflection, retreats and spiritual direction. Sister Pat has an MA degree in Liturgical Studies from the University of Notre Dame and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Vincentian Spirituality Center in Princeton, New Jersey.